Scorpion Technology

Making a Scorpion String


We start with the best materials available for our strings. Each strand of the bowstring goes through a tensioner to ensure exact size with no loose strands. The sizes are controlled with our precision lay up machine. This machine allows us to achieve accuracy in sizes down to one thousandth of an inch. While some string makers are willing to settle for "close enough" we believe that by maintaining the highest standards of quality, our customers can achieve the best results possible.


The stretching of the material is critical to performance of the string. Stretching of the bowstring material is done at a tightly controlled weight setting chosen specifically based on the material used. The duration of the stretching is also critical to the building of a quality string that doesn't stretch or twist. By taking these variables into account and tightly controlling them, we are able to construct a very consistent product from one string to the next.


Once the strands have been carefully stretched, the next step in the construction process is the twisting. The twisting process is critical in getting the overall strength and stability from the material. The strands are twisted together in two separate bundles, with careful attention paid to the lay of each strand. By creating a perfect twist, forces are distributed evenly among the strands.


The final process in the creation of a Scorpion Bowstring is the application of the serving material. This is probably the most important process in the making of a string. The string is stretched to 200 lbs of tension for this procedure. The serving material is passed through a tensioning wand while being applied to the string in order to achieve constant pressure with every rotation. This combination produces a stiff serving that just doesn't separate or unravel.

Last but not least , each bowstring is carefully inspected for quality and packaged for shipment. With the purchase of a Scorpion Bowstring you can rest assured that you are buying the best.